5 Easy Steps to do Social Media Marketing!


Social media marketing started with publishing. Companies shared content on social media to increase traffic to their websites and preferably drive sales. But social media is much more mature than just a place to broadcast content. Today’s businesses use social media in different ways. For example, a company worried about what people are saying about their brand monitors social media conversations and responds to relevant references (social media listening and engagement). Companies that want to understand their activities on social media use analytics tools (social media analytics) to analyze their reach, engagement, and sales on social media. Companies that want to reach a specific audience on a large scale would run highly targeted social media ads. Overall, these are often referred to as social media management.

Social Media Marketing

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There is a 1-minute video tutorial at the end of the Blog that you can watch and learn how to do SMM (Social Media Marketing). From now on, I will post a one-minute video tutorial like this every week about how to do SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and many more things. So stay tuned and keep following True Pixel for more amazing content.


Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing:

 There are five pillars of SMM (Social Media Marketing).
  1. Strategy
  2. Planning and Publishing
  3. Engagement
  4. Analysis
  5. Advertising

1) Strategy:

Before jumping into social media and posting something, take a step back and look at the big picture. The first step is to think about your social media strategy

What is your goal?

 How can social media help you reach your business goals? Some companies use social media to increase brand awareness, while others use social media to increase website traffic and sales. Social media can also help generate brand engagement, create communities, and act as a customer support channel for your customers.

 Which social media platform do you want to focus on? 

The leading social media platforms mentioned above are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat. There are also smaller new platforms such as Tumblr, Tik Tok, and Anchor and social messaging platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Initially, it’s a good idea to select a few platforms that your target audience will likely be using rather than using all of them. 


What kind of content do you want to share? 

What type of content is most appealing to your target audience? Is it a photo, a video, or a link? Is it educational or exciting? An excellent place to start is to create a marketing persona to help you answer these questions. And you don’t have to fix it forever. You can change your strategy at any time based on the performance of your social media posts. 



2) Planning and Publishing:

Planning and Publishing Social media marketing for small businesses usually begins with a consistent presence on social media. Almost 3 billion people (3,000,000,000) use social media. By participating in social media platforms, you can allow your brand to be discovered by future customers. Publishing on social media is as easy as sharing a blog post, photo, or video on a social media platform. It is the same as sharing on your personal Facebook profile. However, you should plan your content rather than creating and posting it on the fly. 

And to maximize your reach on social media, you need to publish great content that your viewers can enjoy at the right time and frequency. Currently, various social media planning tools such as buffer publishers can automatically publish content at the desired time. This saves time and allows you to reach your audience when they are most likely to interact with your content.



As your business and social media following grows, conversations about your brand will also increase. People will comment on your social media posts, tag you in their social media posts, or message you directly. People may talk about your brand on social media without letting you know.
Therefore, you need to monitor social media conversations about your
brand. If it’s a positive comment, there’s an opportunity to surprise and excite them. Otherwise, we can provide support and fix it before things get worse. You can manually see all notifications on all social media platforms, but it’s inefficient and doesn’t show posts that aren’t tagged in your company’s social media profile. Instead, you can use social media listening and engagement tools to aggregate all social media references and messages, including posts that don’t flag your company’s social media profile.


4. Analysis

We want to know how social media marketing works, whether we publish content or participate in social media. Are you reaching more people on social media than last
month? How many positive mentions are there in a month? How many people have used your brand’s hashtags on social media posts? The social media platform itself provides a basic level of such information. You can use various social media analysis tools available, such as Google Analytics, to get more detailed analysis information or compare social media platforms.

5. Advertising 

If you have extra cash to grow your social media marketing, we recommend considering social media advertising. With social media ads, you can reach a broader range of users than you follow. The social media advertising platform is powerful enough these days to allow you to choose precisely where you want your ads to appear. You can create an audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. If you have many social media ad campaigns running simultaneously, you can use social media ad tools to make bulk changes, automate the process, and optimize your ads.


Hey everyone,
This is Umair, and today I’m going to tell you how to do social media marketing as a beginner.
There are many social media platforms that you can opt. There is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You have to select a specific social media channel to give your 100%. You do not want to go for all of them and do a mediocre job.
So, first of all, select a specific platform, and after you are done, complete your profile.
Post some content and interact with people.
Always remember you have to interact with people to gain some reach.
I call it WWH.
Who’s your target audience?
What is your vision?
How do you want to achieve it?


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