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What drives you to build a custom application? The goal of a custom application should be to make your consumer’s daily life easier or more entertaining. Unfortunately, custom applications tend to do the exact opposite and make daily lives much more difficult. User burnout and user disinterest have plagued the application world many times over and only till recent times did we realize the importance of user interface and user experience (UI/UX ) in application design. In one short sentence, an app should focus on simplicity and minimal user effort to achieve the intended task or stimulus. A perfect example of this is amazon’s one-click buy or Uber’s 3 click hail a car capability. When our team builds an application we try to understand the holistic ecosystem in which your app will operate and tailor it for simple integration into your environment. There are many challenges in this world that custom applications can solve, which one will you solve? 


Building a custom App requires more than a one man team

Mobile app developers

Full stack developers

UI/UX designers

Testers and QA specialists

Innovation consultants

Product developers

Product consultants

Business analysts

Sever engineers

Fun Facts

1.2 billion apps exist in the world

2% solve a real world humanitarian problem

Only 10% or 110 apps produce over 100mm in revenue

Less than 5% of apps are used daily

90% of applications fail in the first 6 months

97% of App founders report feeling euphoric from positive user feedback and their first paying customer.

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