Top 10 Cool Websites that you can visit


Whenever you have spare time, don’t waste it by viewing the same thing over and over. Instead of visiting famous websites, go to these intriguing ones. I bet you will find them very fascinating.



  Uber Suggest


Uber Suggest is a free SEO tool dedicated to generating new keyword ideas. Uber Suggest was recently acquired by entrepreneur Neil Patel and has since been significantly expanded in functionality.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an SEO expert. This website offers a variety of cool services that you can use like keyword planner, Site Audit, and many more. This tool will suggest keywords that can make your traffic of your website go Boom. You will notice the numbers going up on Google Analytics.


 Neal Fun

The first website that I would say is the coolest of all is Neal. Fun (The Deep Sea). This is your site if you are interested in the Deep Sea and what’s beneath it.

 It is both excellent and knowledgeable. At 332 meters, this is the deepest any human has ever scuba-dived. Set by Ahmed Gabr in 2014. No sunlight can reach this deep.

Drench Website

Browser games can be a lot of fun, and Drench can let you kill hours in one sitting. Drench is a game in which you are given a board full of different colors and must ‘drench’ the entire board in a single tone. 

The catch is that you only have a limited number of turns to conquer the board, so you must carefully plan your strategy. It’s a fun way to kill time on your computer, and if you’ve beaten it, it’s also relatively peaceful, for some weird and unknown reason.

Not Always Right

We’ve all had days at work that were, to put it mildly, poor. If you work in sales or retail, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of stories about irritable clients and mishaps.

 And Not Always Right is a website where you may read other people’s tales similar to yours. Some of the stories on the website are rather amusing. Some are examples of genuinely great comebacks, while others are frightening. However, it is a fantastic series of reports demonstrating that the consumer is not always correct.

We have all been there, right?

Little Alchemy 2

I would personally recommend this one. Kids need to know about the different elements Earth has to offer. You can use this website to educate your children about how many elements are there and what we can make by combining them.  This one also is a fun time Killer.

 As the name implies, the website is concerned with the metamorphosis that occurs when several elements are combined. You begin with the Elements of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. 

The idea is to make as many distinct types of materials or items as possible. For example, Earth and air will combine to create dust. There are no rules; combine your creations to make new ones. You will have no idea where your time has gone.


When you’re bored, you often want to do things primarily pointless but a lot of fun. If that seems like something you’d be interested in, Patatap is a great place to start. 
This website does one thing: it generates noises and animations based on the keys you press on your computer’s keyboard. So you may begin typing random lines on your keyboard, and Patatap will reward you with a barrage of amusing noises and animations. It may sound ludicrous, but it’s pretty addicting, especially if you adore typing.


Even if music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and others have their recommendation algorithms, if you feel like they aren’t cutting it for you, Gnoosic is worth a look. 

This website has a music search engine. It learns and adapts from website visitors and predicts which musicians people would like depending on artists they already like. It’s a terrific method to discover new musicians to listen to, and it works nicely.

One of my favorite websites is this one. It essentially follows the precedent of World War I, when troops on opposing frontlines chose to form an unusual ceasefire on Christmas Day and exchange gifts in peace. 

That act of trust in the midst of a full-fledged conflict motivated the creator of this website to investigate how the world operates with trusting and non-trusting individuals and how errors and miscommunication may influence how we develop into trusting or suspicious beings. It’s an interactive website that will undoubtedly provide you with food for thought.

Hotspot 3D

Consider the following scenario: you want to buy a smartphone but aren’t sure which one would provide the most bang for your dollars. Isn’t it preferable if you could receive a convenient tool that allows you to compare smartphones rapidly?

 That would be fantastic! This is where Hotspot 3D comes in, assisting you in reaching devices in 3D, making it a little more straightforward for you to select which one can meet your needs.

Product Hunt

If you enjoy discovering amazing new things, you won’t be disappointed by Product Hunt. Aside from the diversity of items available on the internet, there is a ‘popular’ area to assist you in locating things that are trending each month. Product Hunt, in my view, will help you acquire extra convenience you didn’t know you needed in your life, whether it’s for your workflow or productivity tools.


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