Ontario to launch 1st Digital ID and here is how


Ontario and Digital Identity: Ontario is gearing up to launch a digital identity program in the coming months, which means people no longer need to carry a physical driver’s license or health card.  The government said that Ontario’s digital identity program is slated to launch in late 2021.  The province released additional information about the […]

Top 10 Cool Websites that you can visit


Whenever you have spare time, don’t waste it by viewing the same thing over and over. Instead of visiting famous websites, go to these intriguing ones. I bet you will find them very fascinating.  TOP 10 WEBSITES     Uber Suggest   Uber Suggest is a free SEO tool dedicated to generating new keyword ideas. Uber […]

Stop creepers from spying on you.


What if Mobile Applications are spying on us? When using mobile applications we often give them certain permissions to be able to enjoy the features they provide. Have you ever wondered what happens when you are not using those features? Do they really restrict themselves until you come back? Many of us assume our privacy […]