Introducing Branding and E-commerce at PupGrade, Inc

     With competitive pressure building, Upgrade, a top brand of animal food in the UK, turned to True pixel for a complete overhaul that included brand strategy, name generation, brand identity, package and collateral material design, and a web and e-commerce platform development.


     For PupGrade, a refreshing challenge was to attract new consumers – particularly a core group of pet health conscious consumers. Built around the tagline, the brand conveyed a natural and healthy essence – and a true pet friendly vibe.

     On the strength of consumer response from a wider demographic, we were commissioned to build out a marketing program that would help build product awareness and sustain the excitement – and the pressure on the competition. 

“I’m very impressed by their branding, design and development skills additionally I’m excited to what the future holds and happy to see that our brand has become a staple in healthy pet food”

CEO, PupGrade

CEO, PupGrade

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