Introducing augmented reality(AR) technology to Nestle Canada, Inc

     When Nestle, a 155-year old frozen food and drink company, decided to explore AR, they entrusted True Pixel with the challenge of inspiring consumers to utilize retail activation technologies.


     To ignite a change in purchase habit, we considered everything from Nestle’s heritage and existing brand design to the charming benefits of gift-giving and buying behavior of the target audience (Families that give a gift on special occasions).

     We then mapped out the product architecture that informed every aspect of our assignment: product naming, product development, and package and collateral design. Our goals: to strengthen the parent brand by connecting its many sub-brands, convey the attributes of ” health ” and “taste” through the App, and provide a technology platform for future product extensions.

“We are thoroughly impressed by True Pixel’s ability to consult us on how to apply technologies to support brand activation initiatives and incremental sales”

Marketing Manager, Nestle Canada

Marketing Manager, Nestle Canada

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