Ontario to launch 1st Digital ID and here is how


Ontario and Digital Identity:

Ontario is gearing up to launch a digital identity program in the coming months, which means people no longer need to carry a physical driver’s license or health card.


 The government said that Ontario’s digital identity program is slated to launch in late 2021.

 The province released additional information about the program on Wednesday, saying it would be a “convenient and easy identification solution” for Ontarians.

How does it work?

Ontarians will have electronic versions of their trusted government IDs—such as driver’s licenses and health cards—that the government says are more secure and reliable.

 Your ID will be stored in a digital wallet application that can be downloaded to smartphones and other devices (such as tablets and laptops).


Digital ID cards will allow individuals and businesses to prove their online identity and personal identity.

 According to the government, digital ID cards will provide users with more privacy.

 “For example, if you need to prove that you are of adult age, the verifier will only know that you are over 18, not your date of birth or actual age,” the government said.

The digital ID is not stored in the central database but only on your mobile device. If it is stolen, it can be closed remotely.


The government states that digital IDs are not tracking devices and do not track where the ID was used.

Where can I use it?

Ontarians will be able to use their digital IDs in various locations.

 The government says, “It will take years to reach the full potential of digital IDs,” but at the beginning of the program, we provide a list of places where people can use digital IDs.

Includes several settings:

1)  Age-appropriate purchases (lottery tickets, etc.)
2)  Pick up your parcel at the post office
3)  Apply for government support (such as support for persons with disabilities) or benefits (such as CERB and EI)
4)  Access and use of vaccination records
5)  Open a bank account
6)  Make a medical appointment
7)  Visit the doctor
8)  Access medical records online
9)  Get, renew, or exchange your driver’s license
10) Applying, renewing, or exchanging health cards
11) Up date or replace license plate stickers

 As a business, digital IDs can be used for the following purposes: 

– Hiring new employees
– Prove the identity of a business or verify the identity of another business
– Open a business account
– Apply for loans, grants, and tax credits
– Confirm customer identity

How do I get a digital ID? 

The government has not yet started a digital identity program. Download the Ontario Digital Wallet app to your mobile device or computer as soon as it becomes available. Then sign up for the program and verify your ID either online or directly. The user then adds the ID card to the digital wallet and is ready to use.

The Ontario Digital Identity (DI) program will be launched later this year. However, a spokesperson for the Deputy Minister of Digital Government Kaleed Rasheed stated that resources have been transferred to the vaccination system certification.

“As I’m sure you can appreciate, the priority and resources in the Associate Ministry of Digital Government had to shift to support the Ministry of Health’s pandemic response, specifically with the successful release of the Verify Ontario app for businesses which makes it easier to confirm people have been vaccinated while protecting their privacy,” Amanda Brodhagen said in a statement.

“We want to get DI right and ensure that privacy and security continue to be a top priority. More details on the launch of the DI initiative, including timing and specifics, will be announced in 2022.”


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