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We do ONE thing really well and that is designing intuitive yet captivating mobile solutions that impact business growth.

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Our notable accolades & achievements

We don’t mean to brag but when someone wears our brand on their web or mobile solution, your customers will recognize that you have invested in a solution that puts them first.

We pride ourselves in what we have accomplished.

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Developed the world's first NFC business card
Successfully helped grow over 400 startups across the world
Consulted the biggest brands like BMW, Nestle, Monster energy, and Starbucks
Adobe ranked us the top mobile app designer amongst 400 in 2019
We maintain spotless reviews as we settle indifferences efficiently with the customer in mind
Responsible for the redesign of the Global Conversion Conference website
Created brand StepCrafters - A product that is bringing 100M(USD) in revenue


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Competitive Pricing Gurantee

We have a price guarantee that we will beat any reasonably comparable competitor by 5%. Period

Two ways to work with us

You get an estimate based on detailed design specs and you pay a fixed monthly contract

We agree on an estimate contract and you pay 50% now and 50% on completion

No budget, no problem! , No money, no Problem(EASYPAY now available)

We will create a design plan and preliminary prototype design for 1500 dollars flat. This plan will include discovery calls, budgeting plan, design plans that include design mock ups so you can visualize your website/app, and functional specifications outlining what and how your solution will operate. At this point we encourage you take document this to competitors and if you don’t have the time , we will do it for you.

We will share competitor quotes

You heard right, we will engage competitors and share their estimates and information with you so you can make a more informed decision. We love transparency and our job so much that we want to do everything we can to keep you happy. We are confident in our fairness pricing policy.

How do We differ from competitors

We deploy third party testing z–by local testers that match ICP to improve product market fit
we offer 100% money back gurantee
We offer free setup and 1 year of hosting (website)
We offer consulting services to create or enhance your product
We suggest lower cost competitors products and services if there is a good fit

More reasons for you to buy from us

Why buy from us

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Our Delivery Guarantee.

If you are not reasonably satisfied during the build of the project refund 100% of the project

Websites Development projects

Free hosting setup,installation and hosting for 1 year

Mobile App and Web App projects

Free server setup & Free assistance with putting your App on Google and Apple store

30 day warranty period

We provide aftermarket support to help you keep your solution uptodate and make any changes in the future.

Unicorn in the making

if your solution solves a real-world humanitarian crisis or proves to have a scalable demand we are open to funding opportunities. A project we recently support is

Free project review and assessment

Yes you heard right FREE, if you like what we talk about during our consult and think we are the right fit for each other, let’s plan it right and build a successful project.

We Donate to humanitarian causes

We support local charities and programs where we have fed the homeless, helped create fresh water wells for the poor,

Top reasons why customers say they buy from us

Why customers buy from us

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Wix, weebly and Godaddy gives you a generic feel

In a competitive cut throat environment you need to differentiate, with todays educated buyer they can see and experience the difference !

What they want can't be bought out of the box

Yes, what we build is custom built suite you and your customers needs, this helps to improve conversion by taking a targeted approach based on your customers buying behaviors

Local design and Consulting team

Nothing against overseas consulting companies but many just don’t understand how local buyers and customers make buying decisions. We live in North America and understand our bias’s and buying behaviors better than someone overseas

We help grow business in Canada and the USA

Buy signing zero IP gain contracts we help local startups use their funds to create jobs and the BUY USA, BUY CANADA initiative.

Watch the power of design

Triggers companies use to decide when investing in mobile and web solutions.

What our customers are saying

"We went from burning beans in our garage to needing a 10,000 sq. ft facility to meet customer demand."

BLK & Bold

Rod Johnson — Owner

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