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No pay for “office house work”

New breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s diagnostics may someday soon let us substantially alter the course of the disease.

By Aqib Khan | September 28, 2021 • 4 minute read
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Are women unfairly assumed with the responsibility to hold the teams mental and emotional health together. I would agree with this statement and on the same token, men are also assumed to contribute and ignore their emotional side and pressured to bring unwavering decisions. We shouldn’t be compared with our differences and similarities but rather what value we bring to the table. This in no way justifies a pay gap nor does it validate paying one more than the other. I think it is time we evaluate and not compare the sex’s using the same measuring stick as women and men genetically have different values they bring to the table.

Is Covid Really Over?

Some business leaders suggest we are on our way out of this nasty drought but many scientists and medical experts suggest that we are treading


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