Huawei and Honor are the same companies!

Huawei Cell Phones

Huawei’s Statement

Before we begin, see this Statement given by Huawei on this allegation.

Huawei’s Unacceptable behaviour :

There is just reported nova 9, and there is the just-declared honor 50. However, there’s a good chance that you haven’t heard of either of these phones, but there’s something extraordinary happening here that we need to talk about. So, here’s the honor 5’s, A 529-euro mid-ranger, and truth be told, it’s looking strong so far you have the phone on top of an unmistakable squidgy case USB-Type c cable, a couple of headphones and a 66-watt quick charger what is that completion and on the hand there’s the Huawei and the boxes of both of the phones are similar alright, the phones on top and underneath there is a supplement which contains a reasonable case a 66-watt charger and would you accept it. There is a USB cable?

 Amazing, exceptionally inquisitive, yet before we can even discuss these cell phones, we want to rapidly comprehend the surprising connection between Huawei and honor so you may know this as of now Honor was made by Huawei in 2013, for this whole time, it’s been sitting under them as a sub-brand while the fundamental organization was centered around high-positioning experts and finance managers and the individuals who might shop by going into actual stores they Utilized honor as a second Huawei channel to sell similar gadgets somewhat later and at a lower value highlight an alternate market youthful twenty to thirty-year-old and understudies who would in general shop online. I’m not misrepresenting similar gadgets honor phones were fueled by Huawei’s Kirin chips they ran a product called magic UI, which was viably a duplicate of Huawei’s mum, and they’ve frequently had such comparative plans that I think many individuals out there didn’t understand that these were two discrete organizations. 

Huawei prohibited by Google :

Nonetheless, throughout the most recent two years, the qualification between them has all out of nowhere become vital on the grounds that as you would know in Huawei and accordingly likewise its sub-brands like honor were prohibited from utilizing Google benefits or getting any parts from our organizations, and this move without any help killed Huawei’s worldwide aspirations that unexpected powerlessness to get to the application store which is principally what makes cell phones keen joined with not having the option to have the most recent innovations since you can’t work with different organizations in addition to the drop in believing that normally comes when you are prohibited from something that implies that Huawei cell phone deals have done. 

Furthermore, as an organization, they’ve presently needed to turn their whole technique into zeroing in less on the phones and much more on the items and administrations that encompass them, but since of honor this, our boycott doesn’t appear to have had the expected impact see this devastation it’s made left Huawei in a problem, they could either clutch honor, implying that it would remain restricted as well, and its worldwide reach would sink close by Huawei’s, or they could auction them to another organization which would mean the honor would presently not be possessed by Huawei, and subsequently, it could spread its wings and fly again without limitation. 

Eventually at the end of last year, they decided on the latter Huawei issued an almost touching statement that talked about all the pressures they’ve been under recently and how they’re finally publicly declaring that they are in fact selling their sub-brand and the whole thing finishes. We hope this new honor company will embark on a new road of honor with its shareholder’s partners and employees. We look forward to seeing honor continue to create value for consumers and build a new intelligent world for young people, it was like a  parent saying goodbye to their child for the last time but sure enough, as planned it has freed honor and all-new honor phones now, they come with full access to the play store.

Banned by Google

Why are these two phones identical ?

Except here’s what I’m finding a little strange Honor and Huawei are now separate companies right they’ve been apart for a full year now. And yet look at these two phones there is   Honor 50 6.57-inch OLED screen and snapdragon 778g its just 7.8 millimeters thick 4300 mAh  battery finish aside from every single angle these two phones look the same identical button layouts identical speaker positioning identical camera placements they are the same weight to the exact gram courage but there are other phones the honor 50 is basically a Huawei nova 8i the honor magic x foldable looks like the Huawei mate x2 foldable the list goes on and it’s not just hardware these two phones right here are apparently running two completely different operating systems the honor is running android 11. 

The Huawei is running the company’s own in-house completely new harmony OS but then why does everything look so familiar. However, at that point, Why does everything look so natural? look at each and every symbol on the honor resembles it’s just taken a Huawei symbol and made one little change to it the main distinction I can see on the camera is that the zoom toggle on honor has been pushed to the side it seems like the course book meaning of yes go ahead and duplicate, simply ensure you switch things up a digit so nobody sees and furthermore the center advances are a similar gander at these two charging blocks; one is utilizing Honor supercharged innovation while one is utilizing Huawei’s supercharged innovation, yet I’d place a serious huge bet on the way that these two blocks are indistinguishable in that they’re produced in similar area with similar parts and the same technologies. 

Behind them the two organizations they even offer staff individuals at where honor was cut off from Huawei, they took eight representatives from that organization, so despite the fact that they may now have isolated supervisory groups they are to a great extent working with similar individuals you’re presumably beginning to get the thought. Huawei has been restricted honor has isolated to permit themselves to be unbanned, yet even after a year, you’re still successfully getting a reskinned version of a similar phone from both organizations.


U.S Ban causing the fall of Huawei :

We contacted a Huawei leader to attempt to clear this up, and she said the plan interaction for the phone is extended, and this one began before the organizations went their separate ways, so as indicated by her, these designs were finished longer than a year prior and That’s the reason they look so comparative. It seems like quite a while, yet perhaps this is valid. What makes this outsider, however, is that both of these phones were declared days apart from one another, the main equipment. 

The thing that matters is that Huawei has a somewhat better primary camera sensor. Still, the Huawei costs 499 euros the honor costs 529 euros, so it’s nearly like these two organizations have exchanged places as opposed to being the lower-level sub-brand honor has turning into the exceptional brand adequately flexing the way that they currently have google play benefits again this honor 50 came out before the Huawei nova 9 which is something contrary to how they used to deliver later than their Huawei partners honor is serving more nations around the world. They’re presently spreading out into spending plan phones and top-level lead phones like the honor magic 3 pros, in addition to honor is attempting to be the new Huawei. The tragic outcome of this entire circumstance is that they will actually battle to follow through with this and that neither of these phones makes sense. As a result, they make a good first impression like before their mid-range prices. I was pleasantly impressed by how they have the character and general feel of hiring devices but using both of them feel lacking for different reasons. See, before the US ban, there was a reason that Huawei was steamrolling the smartphone market.


US Ban huawei

Investing Billions of Dollars: 

This is a giant tech company that was not afraid to invest literally billions into every year, making sure that every new generation of phones introduced at least two or three features that were significantly ahead of the others, and they had the budget to make sure that these features were tested properly and were reliable. Huawei pushed the entire industry forward but literally the minute this ban came into effect, Huawei was completely cut off from its U.S suppliers, ensuring that each new age of phones presented no less than a few highlights that were all together in front of the others. The latest P50 pro smartphone is actually the first time in years that they have not been able to upgrade their main camera sensor. They were not able to implement 5G, and simultaneously, this absence of google administrations like the play store and Gmail. Guides have made these phones everything except repetitive for a western crowd, so this nova phone feels smooth and clean. However, I would not recommend it.


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