2-minute exec. summary for Business Owners, Partners & C-Suite | Twitter Won’t Crash and Burn Despite Cutting 70% of Staff: Current TruePixel CEO


Current TruePixel CEO Aqib Khan said core Twitter services would likely stay afloat and operational even though Twitter laid off more than half its employees. 

Primary Reason:

“Twitter itself remains a massive marketing powerhouse to a large demographic of users that typically have greater spending power than new social Apps such as IG, FB and TikTok,” he said. “It is a great tool to target the more affluent and mature crowd and can be leveraged by leading product marketing companies.”

TruePixel, a Canadian company specializing in product and custom software development, has helped many startups, SMEs, and large multinationals plan and develop internal and external software. The CEO had suggested to Twitter executives how to future monetize the platform using ML and AI to minimize the massive cash burn of Twitter. A blog he wrote contains President Barack Obama’s past Twitter posts with markups showing/demonstrating how the software would work. 

Secondary Reason:

Twitter has a massive active user base of hundreds of millions of people and maintains a high delivery rate to them.

“Twitter is a behemoth in terms of software, requiring dedicated staff to keep its system running efficiently. Architecturally, the system is built very light and lean and can easily handle a massive payload of users, containing millions of server transactions per second. The bulk of the issue remains with the administration and audit of user content. AI tools can only capture so much. We may expect to see more unfiltered content in the future, but that definitely won’t make or break the system. Elon Musk is likely working on improving the logic of the AI/ML algorithm to pick up on many of the missed inappropriate posts by users, which pose a substantial legal risk to the shareholders and, ultimately, the sustainability of the organization.”


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